From its inception, Adelaide has been a city planned with livability in mind, designed for
  • Community

  • Sustainability

  • Innovation

  • Culture

  • Convenience

  • Connectivity


Adelaide Design Link (ADL) is a professional alliance of leading architects, planners, landscape designers, product designers, engineers, environmental specialists and university researchers based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Adelaide has a 180-year history of visionary urban planning and liveable city design and ADL's alliance of its most respected and experienced design leaders reflects an established culture of contemporary global best practice.

ADL's mission is to share its expertise globally with developing cities in China, India Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific region to meet the complex challenges of rapid population growth, climate change while improving quality of life.

The alliance has particular expertise in ecological design, smart city place making and planning - especially 'sponge' or water sensitive city technologies - as well as aged care planning, carbon neutral design, liveable cities and health.

It shares its expertise through research and development, prototype design and developing customised and collaborative solutions that are practical and cost effective. Its extensive resource of experienced specialists, enables it to deliver fast-paced and responsive service.

ADL is an active business development alliance - it seeks project briefs in its key target markets and then facilitates the creation of integrated teams to pitch and win international business.

The teams work closely with the SA Government and Austrade and have the support of professional organisations and peak bodies in the Australian design industry.

How we can help

The ADL will work with you to understand your needs and deliver ecological, water sensitive and smart cities, buildings, spaces and places through our collaborative expertise.

Our approach is to deliver low carbon outcomes and sustainable communities that will enhance the health and wellbeing of urban communities, through the delivery of world-leading design.

We offer skills and services that reflect the existing specialisations of the South Australian design sector and 'best practice' expertise in key design genres. In particular:

Aged care:
Aging population research, customer-centred aged complexes, vertical aged care complexes, therapeutic landscaping, assistive technologies and mobility devices.
Water sensitive cities:
Designing cities with people in mind and to improve livability through water and flood management strategies eg China's Sponge City program.
Low carbon cities:
Adelaide has an aspiration to be the world's first carbon neutral city and is a world leader in developing alternative energy landscapes and low carbon communities.
Liveable cities:
Adelaide is frequently rated as one of the world's most liveable cities, with a long history of greening, open space and people-centred urban design.
Ecologically sustainable cities:
South Australia has global and national leading ecological sustainable developments and buildings that have recognised for their global leadership as a 6-star Green Star Buildings or Communities under the Green Building Council of Australia rating systems.
Adelaide is a world leader in emotionally intelligent design and the delivery of facilities and products in the health care sector.
Developing countries:
Supporting World Bank, Asian Development Bank and AusAid programs that deliver future city design, development services, infrastructure and aid programs associated with developing countries needs.
Why Adelaide?

From its inception, Adelaide has been a city planned with livability in mind.

Innovative design thinking has provided smart solutions to social and geographical challenges, while maintaining, highlighting and respecting the city's stunning natural environment and ancient culture.


The ADL is supported by Sustain SA and the SA Government, and is currently made up of the following industry partners:

AgathO House of Design | Bennett Design | Bestec | DesignWell | Grieve Gillett Andersen | HASSELL | Jensen Planning | JPE Design Studio | Leading Edge Town Planners | Lucid Consulting Australia | Matthews Architects | Mohyla Architects | Outerspace Landscape Architects | Oxigen | SustainSA | Swanbury Penglase | Tectvs | URPS | Vartzokas Architects | Walter Brooke | Wiltshire Swain

Our industry partners collectively represent over 300 designers, engineers and specialists, who have delivered a large range of projects up to AU$2 Billion in value here in South Australia, as well as internationally.